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If we want to effect meaningful change in the South African energy sector, we need to open the discussion around the current Eskom crisis and what can be done to create a just transition to renewable energy.

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Energy facts:

The South African government aims to reduce coal’s share of total capacity from almost 80% in 2017 to 46% by 2030. The government also announced new plans to quadruple renewable energy’s share of capacity to 36% in 2030.

Among the G20‚ South Africa’s thermal coal use is the highest and its use of renewable energy is the second-lowest.

South Africa is the continent's largest energy consumer and holds about half of Africa's electricity generation capacity.
It is the fifth largest coal producer in the world.
90% of electricity in South Africa is currently supplied by coal.

In 2008, Eskom held an A1 investment grade credit rating. Last year, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s maintained Eskom’s rating at CCC+. Several levels deep into junk territory (and with a negative outlook).