Power Futures is part of the
global energy transformation,
firmly rooted in South Africa.


Our Mission

To create an energy transition that works for all South Africans.

An international energy transformation is underway: technological development and deployment and changes in political and administrative institutional arrangements are influencing (and influenced by) national energy systems.

These shifts, together with changes in global energy and resource markets, new geopolitical configurations, and environmental pressures characterise the current “global energy transformation”.
We are a part of this transformation. 

Our energy transition affects
all residents of South Africa.
How do we all participate in this sector that underpins everything from healthcare to clean water supply?

Our values and commitments

  • To work transparently

  • To engage in complexity with academic integrity

  • To empower all stakeholders with accessible information 

  • To support participative democratic processes and outcomes, and

  • To align to socio-economic transformation goals in South Africa